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Our client base, although constantly evolving, contains many long standing relationships, across various sectors

uni of liverpool.png

We work closely with local education authorities in particular Sefton MBC but also Liverpool 2020, Knowsley 2020 and undertake works via various main contractors for St Helens MBC. The University of Liverpool have significantly upgradedtheir LV electrical infrastructure over the past 3 years and over several Phases in which Cox & Tyrer Ltd have been an integral partner. We also complete work on Diocese affiliated schools and churches through local project managers.

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Our client in this sector include the Merseyside Police Authority and Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service


We are an approved contractor for PEEL ports (formerly MDHC) and have worked for the company either in a direct or sub contractor capacity.

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We are an affiliated member of the North West consortium


We have many commercial and industrial clients. With regard to the industrial clients their requirements can be very varied from automated control aspects to major LV improvements in areas of packaging, manufacturering and milling

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